Mission Statement

The purpose of the Greene County Health Department is to provide the citizens of the County with a healthful environment conducive to physical, mental and emotional health and well being, and the information and the health promotion necessary so

that citizens are motivated to insure their own and their families' health.  The Department shall carry out its mission through the:

  1. Prevention and control of disease;

  2. Provision of Home Health Care Services;

  3. Provision of personal health services;

  4. Promotions of positive attitudes about health and health care services;

  5. Development, promotion and implementation of effective environmental health programs;

  6. Improvement of chronic disease and disabilities including mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse;

  7. Coordination and planning with other governmental and private entities for a comprehensive system of community health services.

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"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."

Established February 24, 1969

Greene County Health Dept. is an Equal Opportunity Employer