Communicable & Infectious Disease


Greene County Health Department has local responsibility for preventing and maintaining communicable disease control.  This is done through disease surveillance, community education, outbreak response and by providing recommendations in controlling the spread of infectious diseases in Greene County.

HIV/AIDS & STD HOTLINE (800)243-2437


Education programs, referral for testing and counseling are available to all residents of Greene County.


Facilitating and assisting with case reporting of HIV/AIDS cases in Greene County is another duty of the Public Health Nursing staff.


The Greene County Health Department has participated in the Tri-County AIDS Task Force and its support, education, and promotion activities since its inception in 1990.  During the last several years, the educational program MELD (Making Educated Life Decisions) has been presented to Junior High Students in the Tri-County area.

Established February 24, 1969

Greene County Health Dept. is an Equal Opportunity Employer